STD Test Express Review – STD Testing for Men

by Jeanine

STD Testing for Men

STD Testing for Men

Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are an ever-increasing need for concern—not just here in the United States, but globally. They plague millions: 6 million new cases each year of HPV (Human Papilloma Virus), a million new case each year genital herpes, 1,250,000 new cases each year of Chlamydia, 300,000 new cases of gonorrhea & 15,000 new cases of syphilis each year in people between the ages of 15-49.

Untreated STDs can lead to a host of disabilities, infertility, acute conditions, mental problems and even death. But unlike HIV, most STDs are relatively easy to treat for a fraction of the cost of caring for those who fall victim and try going through life without treatment. Anyone who is sexually active with more than one partner or has had sex with someone they are not sure of, should consider STD testing. For men it may be more expedient as they worry about such things less than women do.

This is a good part of the reason STD testing for men and women as well as treatment centers came into existence on such a large scale (they are literally all across the nation); to educate in hopes of curbing the epidemics and to get control of the existing situation.

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Know Your Options

When a man decides he should be tested there are a number of options before him. Some will be based on the type of infection he believes he might have contracted, of course; on whether he has seen a doctor or chooses to go on line for a completely private route. STD testing for men is possibly the most intimidating in the mind rather than the actual procedure, which takes roughly 15 minutes.

Men should be tested yearly especially for infections such as syphilis, gonorrhea, Chlamydia and most importantly HIV, as this, though treatable to a point, it is the least curable. Labs should not be intimidating. All sorts of people have to visit the lab; no one will know what you are there for. This is true even if you are not a referral from a care provider but set the appointment up yourself. And most places, whether STD testing for men or women, are discreet and take care of every step in a timely fashion.

Each test for the different infections has its own test. Depending why you have come, you will either have to be swabbed around the anal area, the penis and/or in the case of gonorrhea and Chlamydia, give a urine sample. In STD testing for men, a blood sample is standard for HIV/AIDS and hepatitis.

STD testing for men cannot be stressed especially when you think there might be an issue. Take, for instance, genital herpes—the most prevalent of the STDs. It is said that every 30 seconds someone contracts the disease, and in 2009 we saw the drastic rise from the 1995 reported incidences of syphilis. Do not take a chance with your physical or sexual health.

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