STD Test Express Review – STD Testing NYC

by Jeanine

STD Testing NYC

STD Testing NYC

STDs are transmitted through sexual contact—oral, vaginal and/or anal, at which time a person can come in contact with the bodily fluids of an infected person. This might include such fluids from semen, the vagina or even the mucous membranes of those infected. Blood must be taken into consideration as well which makes things like sharing needles for skin piercings, tattooing and/or for drug use an at risk practice for transmit STDs.

Though there are a vast amount of private offices set up offering appointments throughout the day to test for STDs there are many, many more clinics set up on a walk-in, no appointment necessary basis. STD testing NYC is open—8:30-3pm, and active in all five boroughs; many free and all confidential. These clinics are set up for HIV testing as well as other sexually transmitted diseases.

One of the reasons New York City has such an extensive set up for sexually transmitted diseases is that it hold the number ten position nation-wide for Chlamydia and the number nine position for syphilis, both primary and secondary; of course, genital herpes wrecks havoc everywhere, as does HIV.

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People wishing to be tested receive service on a first come, first served basis. These have been set up to be low or at no cost depending on your situation. More often than not minors do not need parental consent for either exams or treatment, and there are some clinics that are open on Saturday. For HIV (only) you can either have the test done confidentially or anonymously.

There are very few STDs that cannot be tested for at these facilities—with the range beginning with inconveniences such as public lice and spanning the gamut of Chlamydia, syphilis, hepatitis screening, herpes simplex virus, gonorrhea to HIV.

Results at most of these clinics and many private offices as well, are known on the same day. They are given back in writing so each patient has what is necessary for treatment or any follow-up care. These tests are for heterosexual as well as homosexual couples or individuals. Testing is conducted at sexual health (also called genitourinary medicine) clinics, rapid testing clinics, most major drug agencies, antenatal clinic and some private clinics.

How to Proceed for most STD testing NYC:

Eat before you go. The tests are not such that a person needs to fast.  There will be paperwork, of course—about yourself and your reasons for the visit. It will have a number that will be used in reference to you.  There is a need to be honest and straightforward.  Testing through gathering specimens will follow. This will depend on the test being preformed as to whether a mouth swap is needed or a urine sample. Some tests require a blood sample. As there is no test that can determine all of the STDs the right test will have to be predetermined beforehand.  Results can be forwarded to your primary care physician if treatment is needed and if that is what you prefer or if you were not referred by anyone medication can be given on the spot.

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